About us

What do you get when you combine decades of experience from business, data science, marketing and design? That’s right - the Smartin framework co-founders. 


Meet people who power the unique framework for building successful companies from an idea to a profitable business.


Martin Souček

Management consultant

Martin built and sold multiple companies. He spent the last 25 years creating effective sales-orientated teams. After a successful exit from a TV entertainment production firm, he held top management positions at response:AI and Roivenue. He now helps start-ups to apply what he’s learnt about success and failure by using the Smartin framework.


Martin Faith

Solution Architect

Alumnus of Fachhochschule Wiener Neustadt, Martin went on to consult for Deloitte and later for Roivenue. Martin’s mission is to help organisations become data-driven. That entails connecting databases, building dashboards and presenting new ways of thinking. He doesn’t like to think of this process as change management, but we all know that’s what he does best.


Honza Felt


Honza is a generalist who knows more than most specialists. His skills range from implementing a tag management platform to picking the best media for your upcoming display campaign. Some say he has a life outside of work, but nobody’s imagination stretches far enough to envision how that might possibly work.


Ondra Michálek

UX Tinkerer

Ondra specialises in simplifying complex ideas and turning them into both beautiful and functional prototypes. His value lies within the skill of challenging the status quo and re-framing it into constructive product or service designs. Ondra balances out the rest of the team by combining the creative and business sides of the same coin.

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