One App + One Report

= Successful Company

Give Your Investors

What They Want.

Investors want to see a business plan, company structure and all sorts of smart tables and charts in Excel. That’s not what sells them on your idea, though.


They want a proof that your idea will work and when will they recoup their investment.


Give your potential investors that and you can ask for more money and better terms.


Enter Smartin Framework

Smartin framework consists of an app for testing your ideas and a report that shows you where you are on your journey to becoming profitable.

When you sign up for this app, you will go through a series of questions and tasks. Once you complete the process, you will be left with:

A proof that your idea works or doesn’t work

A story that you can tell your investors

Loads of data that will back your story

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Every company has a story. What's yours?

What’s In It For Me?

You update a table in Google Sheets once a month. You get a helpful report that tells you:

whether you are on track to fulfil your promises to the investors

what areas of your business need attention

where to invest your time and energy


7+1 Reasons Why Try Smartin Framework

Going through the app requires work. But think of all those benefits!

  1. You will lay a foundation to having a both data-driven and sales-orientated company.

  2. You will be more organised and focused.

  3. You will spend less time on tracking and explaining your thought processes to the investor.

  4. You will foster better relationships with your investors.

  5. You will master communicating your idea to others.

  6. If your idea proves to be valid, you will be left with many warm leads to follow up on.

  7. If your idea proves to be invalid, you can pivot before investing more resources.

Bonus: You will get a sweet a$$ dashboard that tells you what’s important to focus on next*.

*10 years ago, entrepreneurs would kill for this.

Build your company’s story